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Joshua Hagler  Berkeley, CA

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My paintings are narratives that focus, most often, on the shift from independent thought to groupthink as one commits to institutional indoctrination. The work often explores faith-based sentimentality, which tends to mask the personal burden of unquestioned belief in the contemporary Evangelic landscape. In awareness of current debates on the role of religion in contemporary society, the attempt in the work is to bring to light inward mysteries and fears so often blanketed in outward certainty, from both religious or secular movements.

As the history of religious painting has so often done, the work intensifies the struggle between resistance and submission. By extracting pieces from a larger religious tradition and featuring them in my paintings and installations, I hope that a new mythology is born. My ambition is that this new mythology will vibrate like a violent seizure in the fold between reason and absurdity, diminishing certainty whenever possible.

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"When I was 12 I opened an hen's egg that had a half formed embryo inside. I saw it's beating heart as it waned. I felt that I had breached the sanctity of life. But then I realized we're all just meat."

"Wow, love the subject matter and the masterful control over the paint. I'm awed."

"I got a better handle on Hagler. He is indeed Boschian and he is making art for museums, not the domestic market. I still don't like installations cause their so hard to store when their not on exhibit but his 72 butterflies with the pioneer dress is beautiful. Hagler is a paintslinger, non par excellence. Some of his work is more comprehensible and more modest. But some of it is full scale very challenging to understand.I give him a thumbs up."

"I need someone or a magazine article to help me understand this. Its hellish, and horrible. All done with a masterful skill, both content and technique. But I'm not sure I'm going to like it when I figure it out. It's too much like the apocalypse like H. Bosch. It's strong art like great art but it is simply horrible in its message. I went to the website. I studied it twice today. I'd have to do research and I'm not going to do it for something as terrifying and gross as this."

"This is a commentary on islam, abortion or carnivores?"

"Distorted, horrid, love it."

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