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Hanna von Goeler  New York, NY

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About Hanna

In ‘Interest: The Joy and Sorrow of the Written Word”, little paper boats folded out of newspaper pages (different languages and sections/spheres of interest) float on the floor and create a sea of information. Short sound loops emanate from the boats with recordings of a pre-language: the cooing and crying of infants.

The origin of the word ‘interest” relates to the word ‘between” and alludes to the spaces between facts, various languages, and pre-languages and to un-named connections between these spheres.

The paper boats were reconfigured each week throughout the duration of the exhibition.

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"I really like this, i like that the newspapers are from all over the place, no two exactly alike but each one with its place, much like the world itself. I love installations that drip with possible symbolisms, its amazing."

"i think it is so neat"

"A very fantastic of boats. I am glad that I found a placxe which I bveloing too. Thank-You"

"I dig this work, though i really found the artists previous body of work where he explored the complex interconnectivity of egg carton catipiliers more profound."

"Be sure to go to Hanna's website to see some amazing other work."

"you rock"


"i love it."

"So glad to get the lead to Hanna's website. I was just fascinate with the over 500 $1 she has painted on. I you can't make money with art; make art with money.From the humorous, to the beautiful to the sublime, these dollar paintings really got my attention. I really enjoyed them."

"Hey. Thats pretty cool."

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