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Sharon Leong  San Francisco, CA

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About Sharon

Tension (esp. sexual tension) is the catalyst behind the creation of my paintings. If libidinal resolution is not immediately forthcoming, I turn to my canvas in an attempt to build a dialectical bridge across the time/space crevice which separates the Other from myself. This phenomenological process is, at best, a diversion from the pain of an existential life. I’m not so much concerned with “knowing” the Other (the unattainable, Kantian “thing-in-itself”) as I am in controlling it by giving it form. At times I succumb to its domination and am negated by it, and at other times, I’m on top, effecting a double negative. Rarely (if at all), when I paint, does an alchemical union occur between the Other and myself (I find that attaining this state of ego dissolution (the solutio) is only possible during sex, sleep and, it must be presumed, in death).

I strive to live my philosophy — I’m in a constant state of sexual tension — and when I’m not [living it], it reverts into art. Painting is, therefore, one of the things I do in order to satiate the hunger that threatens to tear my life apart.

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"Yes and probably it was she...Unfortunately and with sad regrets to say our Angel on Earth, Sharon Leong has recently passed in Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento ...But I know she is with us with Love and encouragingly striving, with us, for All that is Good and True"

"Hello Sharon,I am wondering if you are the person who I hired me in 1971 to photograph you wearing a bacon mask from your apartment all the way to the San Francisco Art Institute which we were both attending.I saw a woman with you name on an episode of Ghost Adventures about Preston Castle and I felt certain it was you. This inspired this communication.I've continued my work in the arts for the last 40 years and one of those photos of you is in my current exhibition is Blacksburg, VA. Those surreal images have been very popular over the years.I'd love to catch up with your endeavors. Drop me an email."

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