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Charlie Isoe  Berlin, Germany

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About Charlie

Isoe’s pictorial compositions are based largely on his personal experiences and observations he makes of his immediate social surroundings. Isoe left school at the age of sixteen and immersed himself in a world of graffiti, skateboarding, travel, and life on the streets. As he entered his twenties, already well traveled, rich in experiences with highs and broken bones, he went back to attain a high school diploma, and subsequently a Degree in Fine Art.

For the last three years, Isoe has been living in Europe as a freelance artist, observer and wanderer. His work has been seen on the streets of Australia, Thailand, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Czech Republic and Germany.

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"Masterful. Original. Impactful. Thank you, Charlie."

"Very beautiful. I feel his ease with his materials. Not as depressing, but has a Francis Bacon feel to them..."

"His work offers new insight to figurative painting/art genre and adds the contemporary processes behind mixed media. It is refreshing to see this combination of line quality and the messy details that reflect life uniquely Juxtapoz' invterview made a comment of him being the "next big thing". I think that in view of how today's art cultures run, this is a relative term, but he's definately moving in an interesting direction."

"I really like the abstractness of your work. Two of my daughters an one son is very artistic. Is there any shows on the East coast preferably CT.,NY.,RI.,MA. showing your work?Thank you,Linda Dick"

"Wow. This is quite refreshing. A little dark, maybe, but inspirational stuff. This guy has a pretty unique and interesting approach to figurative painting."

"Honestly, this is just freaky! Life is not that glamourous as it is, no need to add more trip-out art to it. And I especially wouldn't reccomend viewing this kind of art when you're actually tripping out."

"you mentioned basquiat, but what about francis bacon? less demonically strange, but still compellingly stark and awkwardly beautiful!"

"In my opinion, Isoe is way better than Jean Michel Basquiat. In fact, I see little resemblance. I love this work. I wish I could afford to buy it."

"I see Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt in his Work, magnificent portraits."

"Maybe artists don't need to worry about copying. Maybe they're starting a genre."

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