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Colette Calascione  New York, NY

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About Colette

Inspired by books and images of earlier eras, particularly the Victorian era, Calascione invents a world that is her own. Images of women and children in old photographs are transformed in the artist’s hands. She never literally copies a photo or its background. When she sees a figure she likes, her vision forms around it. Clothed figures in photographs are sometimes undressed by Calascione in her paintings, and placed in a mise-en-scene she creates. Rarely does the environment surrounding the figure come directly from a book or photo, as a ‘quote.”

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"Have you ever painted an image based on Dia Los Muertas...I'd like to exhibit within the art center where I work in Oakland what you may have that pertains to this theme. The exhibit is scheduled for Tues. Oct. 19- through Tues. Nov. 30The site is the City of Oakland Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, a performance center with an annex where art is exhibited."

"An accomplished artist who uses symbolism in her lush surrealistic canvases. Spell binding powerful colorful imaginative images."

"I can't believe people still paint like this"

"I don't know much about art but me thinks this is what it's all about!!@"

"Real Victorian paintings often included little bits of symbolism spread around to get a point across. These almost seem like a gorgeous surrealist parody of that convention."

"your paintings have an obvious reference to the past yet, you have your own personal ideas with surrealism. I like it!"

"Me likey."

"these are beautiful and full of imagination."

"this is the first piece of art that i have ever looked at with genuine interest. I added this google gadget yesterday to see what kinda pics i would get, and i must say that i am impressed. good job painter girl. just wish i had a good explanation of the scenes from the artist pov."

"Renaissance meets Alice in Wonderland. Like being caught between a romance novel and a dream."

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