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Scott Eagle  Greenville, NC

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About Scott

Scott serves as Associate Professor and Area Coordinator of Painting and Drawing at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. His artworks have been exhibited and reproduced internationally. Publications featuring his artwork include The Oxford American, The New York Times, and the Cleveland Plains Dealer.

In the often harrowing, dreamlike world that Eagle conjures in his art, humans are perpetually at the mercy of forces beyond their control. They’re beheaded, attacked by sharks, menaced by tornadoes, sent tumbling through space and otherwise rendered powerless, while mysterious events unfold around them.

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Dave Pitman


"Mr. Eagle's work is as dark as it is beautiful. I have had the privilege of studying under Professor Eagle and have personally seen his work. Viewing it up close gives you a completely new appreciation for it. His process of using many thin layers of paint is a delicate one. It's in complete contrast to the subject matter that is often very frightening. Elegant destruction."

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"Scott you free as a criminal ....good form i have half the talkent"

"Just loved finding your website! Always did love your work."

"Bottom Image, Young Christopher Columbus with a rare skin disease."

"Wonderful, a fantasy explosion in a colorful graveyard! Snippets of references everywhere; Escher, Brughal, Hundu temple carvings, Vishnu herself all tumbled jumbled with a type of fifteenth century realism."

"Scales or lozenge-shapes look a recurring theme in the work."

"cool painting expresing a lot of emotions tru u dead ha"

"I really like your work it is alluring"

"Hi I really like your work. It's very surreal and I can look at each of them for a long time. From one artist to another, very impressive!"

"I think this is gorgeous. I really love the surrealist, psychadelic take on the crowded "grotesque" paintings of the late medieval period."

"Your work is cool and scarry at the same time.I love the colors you use."

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