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Michael Allison  Nashville, TN

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About Michael

This Series of sculpture has been evolving over the past 10 years and continues. Artifacts from decades ago were once used by man to control the
elements of are earth (fire, water, air).I name this series. “The Power of Nature; The Mind of Man”.

I work with the objects that we all see in are daily life that we pass buy without taking notice and make a dramatic visual and something functional that you could live with. I like the juxtaposition of something that is not for beauty and make it aesthetic and still retain its ugly previous function.

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"i love it! Super kool! keep up the good work!"

"Simply, spectacular. the art of the glass is amazingly astonishing, the contrast with the backgrounds,and the everyday locations. only a true artist could make a simple,amazing, work of art such as this.Anna 12yrs"

"Top shelf work !"

"This is some of the best stuff that I have ever seen"

"Hi Michael, we knew you did this type of work, however, you are truly anartist worth praise."

"I love seeing the drips in the dark and realize there is light flowing as well as water. The amount of creativity that goes into one piece truely makes each a masterpiece. Great mind Mike!"

"Excellent work - we are lucky enough to have one of Mike's peices our home. The man is just as cool as the art!"

"Very creative and original"

"I have enjoyed your work in your Mom's home in Arizona. Congrats on being featured on iGoogle. Keep up the good work."

"Great stuff Mike....!!!! Gramps"

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