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Tony Fouhse  Ottawa, ON, Canada

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“User” is a photography project by Tony Fouhse in which he captures beauty in ugliness as he photographs crack addicts at one street corner in Ottawa, Canada over the period of a few months.

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"Real life no sugar coated images. Keep on keeping on. Maby if people see the world and whats in it things will begin to change."

"haha i'm sorry but i had to laugh at the guy in the second one. but really nice work. neat perspectives. keep it up :)"

"You got some big ones pal. I don't know how you can get away with taking those pictures you take. You are an extraordinary photographer. But, how can you sleep at night? Just keep doing what you're doing. You are very good at it. Your work moves me. I feel it. Good luck in the future. You deserve it!"

"they are photographs..."

"Ugly, but true. "The War on Drugs" We LOST! How long will it take for society to recognize the Real Problem???"

"these pictures look very real. i honestly thought they were photgraphs. amazging, truely amazing."

""User" image {photo} is touching.. i feel sad tears feel my eyes along with a big lump in my throat typing this commment. I see a litle boy in photo in the body of addict.excellent work wow!!"

"Vulnerability in its rawest form. These portraits remind me that these are living, breathing, woundable and wounded people exactly like me and not "those addicts over there". And there is Beauty here, too, at its most human. Thoughtful and deeply moving emotionally."

"love the work.very rustic,raw and impressive. i love the look of darkness you can create."

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