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Chris Scarborough  Nashville, TN

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About Chris

Using many diverse elements such as Japanese pop culture and art history, to science fiction, Chinese propaganda posters, and real life, Chris Scarborough creates work that explores the grey areas that form when cultural and contextual boundaries erode and cross paths.

Working in photography and drawing, Scarborough’s meticulously detailed images of people who have been manipulated according to the tropes of Japanese anime is an exploration of the cultural concepts and impositions of cuteness, beauty and perfection.

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"friggin awesome. is it real and i luv anime"

"she looks like anime. y is she scared?"

"it kind of makes you wonder what is in the water under her because it looks like she is giving you this hopeful look and wanting to get away from the situation that she is in"

"the first one she could just as easily be in absolute awe of whatever she's seeing.. but the second she def looks frightened to me. Great Work!"

"I found this very appealing. i thought it was a real person. She looked like she needed help. Amazing."

"mhhh i just think that's cool and weird all at the same time."

"okay this is really creepy but interesting"

"Carolyn, perhaps you are olny looking at the face value of anime. Sure it has it's share of 'dumb blonds' but it also has a fair amount of heroic, take control female streotypes. And beside, anime and manga can be a very effective and relaxing form of expression. Although i have to say, these portraits are not very moving and even a little creepy, although i give the artist credit for finding an interesting new way to express both realism and the anime style at the same time. Interesting."

"scared me"

"I love the concept of putting Anime with real life! It is utterly brillant! I love it!"

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