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Pat Rocha  Kansas City, MO

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About Pat

Since childhood, drawing and painting has always been an integral part of my life. It’s a constant reflection of my past experiences. My interest in human nature and the drama of living compels me what to paint. If the mood or moment is strong enough then people can draw their own conclusions. Sometimes real, sometimes imaginary.

Sometimes when I’m looking at an old photograph I’ll stare at the person in the photo and imagine myself in the same room. It’s impossible for me to paint a portrait without having a story to tell behind it. I simply couldn’t pass the time away drawing people or places without meaning. When the story hits me after the initial drawing, I’ll look for additional pictures to accommodate the central theme. Then it begins to take on a life of it’s own.

There is a reason for everything in my paintings. Gradually I understand why I spend so much time alone with one painting. I never stop thinking as long as I keep painting, it’s simply survival of the mind.

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"Hello Pat, it's been a long time, how are you? Anyway, I was wondering whatever happened to the drawing that you did of me..."Lone Jack"I was just wondering, and is there any way that I could get a copy? I thank you for your time, Sincerely, Jack."

"Do you still have blank note cards for sale. I have 'In the Spirit of St. Alphonsus" and would like to possibly get more and sell them in our bookstore at the Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson, AZ. Thank you, Velma"

"Mr. Rocha, your art grabs me and won't let me go."

"WOW! i didnt know they still did art like the second one."

"colourful as well as perfect perspective !this is an achivement, and it is yours !"

"To answer one of the comments:The second painting is about World War II. The man waking up is a Nazi officer (silk sheets, refined styling of hair), and the guilt that came from doing what he did is pursuing him, even in his dreams.How so? Look carefully. The people to the left side of his head are Jews, most of them with their hands up; one of them is carrying a heavy sack. On the right side are three Nazi officers, aiming their guns at said Jews.Having read Martin Gray's "For those I loved" in French, I recognize the young boy wearing the beret with his hands up (he was on the cover).Hope this answers your question!"

"I'm blown out at Rocha's ability to weave past into present."

"i am from kc, i love edward hopper, you remind me of him, but i don't know why."

"the first one kinda scares me. i dont know why"

"Pat, Your work is GREAT, I have seen a lot of them. Have you ever shown "Lone Jack" anywhere? And I agree with Carolyn, Your artwork is amazing! Please keep up the great work. And I am glad that you are doing so good."

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