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Frank Gonzales  New York, NY


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About Frank

I like to construct and deconstruct during the process leaving traces of my journey in the end results. Like life itself, there are elements of uncertainty, dialogue and changes that take place which can be both fascinating and frustrating to me. I feel I am constantly growing as an artist every day.

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"Wow, thanks for all the comments!!!!-Frank Gonzales"

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"I feel silly asking this, but I want to use your birds in a tattoo. Would that be possible or would you take offense?"

"I find the little blips along the edges of the birds intriguin..."

"colourful !your own style !"

"i love the first one. both are very good though"

"Ive been watching your work for the past few years. I love the birds and landscapes but i really dont like all the extra pop that has happened to the recent paintings. it looks like all the stencil stuff you see in ads and on kids tee shirts. I think that i cheapens the beauty of the work."

"I love it. It almost looks like something you could buy at Target, I hope thats not an insult. I think it has a creat pop art feel mixed with nature. Its great!"

"i love this art work! i love the design mixed with the birds, its put together very well. design is becoming very dominante in todays world, some of it seems like its overdone, but this is original!"

"They're good, but they seem more like decorative art- something you would buy in Z Gallery rather than an art gallery. But they are something I would hang in my home- very nice."

"Such a beautiful painting(s) to see when I woke up to newly fallen snow this morning.... this on top of my bulb flowers. I love the layers and feeling of the different layers. Very creative and it workds well. Thank you for sharing."

"I very much like the classical elements (color palette, form, composition) tainted with your use of the modern (pixel-like pieces, palette interruption, rhythm). Also, the dripping effect is such a nice loose mark amongst all your classical forms and marks."

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