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Sara La  Nashville, TN

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About Sara

A fascination with storytelling in art has naturally led me to an interest in narrative painting and illustration. My work tends to be filled with personal mythology and symbolism. My painting is representational and usually focuses on the human figure. I tend to work from memory to form images that seem real, but no longer or cannot exist. The imagery I use is derived from a slow distillation of subconscious associations and symbols. Through this distillation, I focus and discover images that accurately describe a story or situation from an almost purely emotional or irrational basis. I make paintings that I understand emotionally, but rationally cannot explain.

This characteristic of my humanity has always intrigued me. I paint in hopes of discovering why certain images and symbols recur in my work and why others feel the same connection to the work that I find so personal to me.

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"An artist is not like someone telling you their dreams but someone letting you into their dreams. Once you are in there, you make of it what you like."

"Perhaps the work only means only one personal symbol to the artist themselves, however, the works can mean something totally different conceptually to the viewer. Is that not the point of art? Provoke thought with a different medium."

"jasper johns cleptomania, good work"

"They are pretty well painted, but I often wonder why artists use personal symbols and narratives in their work. It often feels like someone telling you their dreams. Momentarily interesting, but ultimately only meaningful to the person who had the dream."

"gorgeous, stirring, thought provoking, fantastic work! thank you"

"fantastic statement.i would definitely make it a point to go see sara show if she's around the ny area. i'd also tell my friends and may link to her site. but i would really like to luxuriate in these gorgeous paintings in person!"

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