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Heidi Taillefer  Montreal, QC, Canada

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About Heidi

Sneaky Work at the Crossroads is Eve at the height of transgression, as she partakes of the forbidden fruit. Cast out of the Paradise of unity, simplicity, and unselfconsciousness, her rampant indulgence reinforces the fundamental challenge of the nature of our being. She represents the creation of dualities, casting the ego on the stage, and making of the human condition, a fractured world in which we identify ourselves through opposites, such as light vs dark, or good vs evil, etc… from which we must find our way back to unity and purity.

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'Horse Power'




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"u're paintings show u R really trying to express something meaningful.thanke U."

"i won't pretend 2 understand the arms unless they were 2 sets of male arms; after all,(what bible study class wouldnt teach)the 4bidden fruit was carnal knowledge or th leaves would hav coverd th mouthes not genitalia. is th@ Cain and Able in her belly? GOD clarified 2 Cain,"u r of ur father, th serpent." sorry i'm going off on a tangent: she reminds me of shiva. I always luv muted colours, th stuff of nite dreams"


"Wow! It's so fantastic!"

"I love Heidi Taillefer's work The Muse is fabulous. I would definitely put this in my home."

"these paintings are gorgeous."

"So expressive, so human, I absolutely love them."

"I just browsed the artist??s site and I am truly awed and inspired and excited! These works by Heidi are incredible. They make me want to dust off the old paint brushes and really paint something I need to work hard at. Thank you Heidi! :)"

"Totally love the way these pieces are described!"

"Hey that looks very cool and freaky at the sane time so whats your opinion people that's mine so really whats yours think about it okay people thanks and bye."

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