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Steve Seeley  Chicago, IL

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About Steve

My work investigates a world where man, fascinated by outer space, has vacated earth to live in the solitude of space. In his absence, animals begin to fulfill their true destinies. These destinies include, but are not limited to, forming an alliance against man (shall he ever return), developing super hero-like powers, and rocking out to heavy metal.

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"Really inspirational art! The animals are on the rise and mankind deserves the decent. We have made quite a mess of this world. Very good representations of vehicles and the animals."

"I think this art is very interesting. The use of animals as dominent in scenes with cars and Superman forces one to consider where dominence lies."

"Very interesting art. Since man is on a downward moral slide, maybe animals will get it right. Anyway, I think this artist has great talent and an interesting insight."

"scene haha wow i feel like a moron...but yes good pieces"

"I'm pretty new on the art seen and my appreciation for it...but i like this. I like the interpretation of the underlying idea that humans may not always be around or be a superiour creature. Or evolution taking the animals we know today above and beyond there capabilities (for lack of better words) or what we know them as, at this point."

"Cool. Like Jen said, it??s fascinating to think about what animals will evolve into when we are all gone. The prob with alot of the eco-art trend is it's asumption we can know anything at all about animals, their feelings, desires, and when we do we are further putting our cages around them. Alot of it is really kinda offensive and simple-minded, especially a current trend to combine animls into synthesized forms. So bloody human isn't it. When you think about it, alot of the eco-art and it's so called respect is the absolute opposite and the dumb-ass hunter that displays his kill as a trophy in a weird way actually respects the animal more than the eco-artist. Because he does at least value the animals physical appearance, again in a really messed up way. Just leave the animals alone ye ambulance chasers of fashion."

"What is that, we asked... see the car? Well of course we see the car; it seems the main focus.... wait, we think we may know this part of the story, and we like it very much...The Art of Relativity; "Leave it, leave it," cried the flyers; to them everything seemed stagnant. But the slower one had to be sure."

"I like the deer one but I don't know about the car. I agree! It does look like album artwork!"

"I love this! It reminds me of something that should be album artwork"

"I get a kick out of the messaging antlers. Something is not o.k.! Truer words ne'r spoken. Send me to the moon, Superman."

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