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Frank Plant  Barcelona, Spain

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About Frank

Frank Plant is a Barcelona based American sculptor. He studied sculpture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After finishing his B.A. in fine arts in 1993 he moved to Amsterdam and during this period he began to develop his drawings in steel. These are simple and direct studies of the forms and compositions of everyday objects. Welded steel has always been the principal medium for Plant’s work, whether in his two dimensional pieces such as his fingerprints series or his earlier three dimensional kinetic metal sculptures, that incorporate found objects. In 1999 Plant moved to Barcelona and began to diversify the materials he uses in his sculpture. Photography and painted wooden backgrounds, light boxes, motors, sensors, sound and music have all become integral parts of his sculptures. In investigating new ways of communicating with the viewer, interactivity continues to play an increasingly central role in Plant’s work. Since 2000 he has taught at Metafora Tallers de Art Contemporani in Barcelona. His work is in private and public collections throughout Europe and North America.

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"Wow, the technique in creating these amazes me. Also, for cold steel and blank faces, I am entranced with how -human- the end result is. The topics are fascinating. I had the chance to see work in a very similar medium outdoors in bright midday sunlight, and the sharp shadows were very much part of the art - I bet these works carry even bigger impact in person."

"Love it. I admire the way your lines tell a powerful story every time!"

"I know! your fingerprints are great... black oo white..."

"wow I love it you are really good!"

"Hi i think that yoyr art is very talented.I really admire your style and your work."

"absolutely stunning. would be a blast to see these f'real."

"are the black faces a practical thing? or is there a statement there too?im sure with your talent you could fashion faces out of metal as well"

"Absolutely love it!"

"This is really great! I love it tons, I could eat it up (not literally)!!"

"Super talented!"

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