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Fred Einaudi  San Francisco, CA

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About Fred

While the stories told by Fred Einaudi’s painting may not seem to end happily, they are sure to capture your attention. Most of the his work centers around haunting themes and creepy situations but are unmistakeably unique and powerful. Fred’s work has been described by some as disturbing in all the right ways. We tend to agree.

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'The Sea'


'Under Water'


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"Absolutely the best art with mind bending situations to straighten the wrinkles in your brain"

"these are the types of things you see in your dreams...or nightmares"

"They said art should speak to you and this definitly does not only is the art beautiful it leaves a lasting impression. Brilliant!"


"these are really intriguing! but beautiful!"

"its cool but creepy too."

"The first one makes me think that maybe someone was high...the second is nice, but the creepy lady in the pool is gonna give me nightmares."

"The bottom pictures looks like somthing from a movie, I like it a lot! The top pictures is very interesting."

"For a strange resaon i really love the second one. It sort of makes me think about how their are things right in front of our children. things they dont understand like death in this case it looks like murder"

"you got krazy imagination, i like that, love your art. ;)"

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