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Catherine Ryan  San Francisco, CA

'In wait'
Charcoal & acrylic on paper, mounted on panel
Charcoal & acrylic on paper, mounted on panel

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About Catherine

Ryan’s work investigates the significant role family photographs play in our lives and memories. Working in a photo lab while in college, Ryan observed that the same images showed up in scores of rolls of film; each family seemed drawn to documenting situations in similar ways. Ryan uses these loaded elements to display the fundamental nature of human emotion.

Catherine explains her work by saying, “I’m fascinated by human behavior in the face of fear, specifically as it relates to social mores, religious rituals and mob mentality. I source the images in my paintings from all areas of mass media photography from the past to the present and “collage” them together to create new narratives that investigate these behavioral patterns in greater depth.”

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Samantha French

Brooklyn, NY artist

"Catherine’s paintings/drawings come out of a process of layering paint over charcoal and medium. I enjoy seeing that history in her work. There is a sentimentality and remembrance in her pieces informed by that process but also with the images she chooses."

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"dimension from flat landers"

"I love the colors and texture of these works (here and on website portfolio), and the way a random snapshot can be made much more interesting by expanding on the elements within it. My favorite is "Vacation in the Woods"."

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