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Rafael Silveira  Curitiba, Brazil

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About Rafael

Rafael Silveira started doing comics in the late 80’s. After being published in the pages of independent publications all over the country, his work was published by the American Dark Horse. In 2000, his interests turned to illustration and could be seen in several magazines and advertising campaigns in Brazil and Europe.

Silveira has won the Max Feffer design award (three times), Abril de Jornalismo Award, Silver in the International Advertising Festival of Gramado, Archive magazine, Paraná Creation Club, among others.

In 2004, motivated by the editor of the American magazine Blab!, he made up his mind and started to paint with oil.

Today Silveira’s paintings are hanging on the walls of galleries in major Brazilian cities as well as the US and Europe. Two books have been published in Brazil featuring the best of his work: ‘Women, Flying Hats
and Other Cool Things” and ‘Pop Surreal” .

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"it kind of unsettled me..."

"This is an amazing picture. It says so much to the viewer, or at least to me. =)"

"this picture is so amazing! i can't believe how amazing this picture is."

"i totally agree with aimee. it's so.....uggh"

"Those ae great!"

"Careful, or you'll wake them up!"

"I love it. Its like you're having fun with your subjects, but who knows what you're really thinking."

"I find them both intriguing. At the same time I can't help but see the strong resemblance...not so much to Dali, but to Monty Python. Graham Chapman specifically, but not in a knock-off fashion - that was clearly a different style."

"A dali copycat but interesting 8)"

"That was very cool"

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