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Kazaan Viveiros  Alexandria, VA

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About Kazaan

My work is an exploration of perceptual relationships within the context of an evolving mental landscape. Each piece presents assembled images stemming from a rich library of personal and cultural references, ranging from literature and myth, to personal experiences or travels and paintings centuries old. The images emerge slowly, appearing, disappearing, shifting and transforming, until the right combination manifests itself. Each work becomes a synthesis of elements forming ambiguous relationships within the picture plane. The process is intuitive. The result is a quality texture, representing the creative process itself, revealing what time does to the surface of things.

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"i love these... awsome !"

"Absolutely love it!"

"i love it the tree and butterflies; the entire work is very cool"

"i like the hump back whale"

"i love those line works. such fluid lines. it gives the whole movement feel all through out the piece. awesome!"

"Great Art, But You Should Add A Little More Of That Amazing Chaos."

"I dont really get it, its interesting though. maybe a messagea to explain would be cool? =)"

"I like the way the many elements are treated and integrated."

"I love the art work, put more art like that"

"This artist is AMAZING!!! Check out her website if you haven't already. Did you see the illustrations with words??!Kazaan, you rock, and I will be checking in from time to time to explore more of your work. Thanks for sharing!"

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