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Pantomerica  San Francisco, CA

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About Pantomerica

Pantomerica is made up of Maggie Owens and Cecilia Coyne. Both travelled the continental U.S. for six months for a project to examine color in place.

Cecilia and Maggie describe the project by saying, “While traveling through every corner of the country we looked at the role color plays in each unique region and how the people of these places interact with color. Along our route we conducted interviews with locals, transplants, and artists to get a greater sense of what life was like in each location. Our blog is both a written and a visual collection that tells a story about women traveling through 21st century America and the colors found along the way.”.

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'Mountain Views'

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"I'm not particularly the biggest fan of all their photography, but I love the idea of this project. The exploration of Americana is such a classic journey, but doing it with the intention of identifying places by color makes it special. Not to mention this project is taken on by two young girls, still discovering themselves and their own colors."

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