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Kate MccGwire  London, UK

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About Kate

Kate MccGwire’s work asks questions about the very nature of beauty. She’s intrigued by the possibility of envisaging beauty as something more complex than merely what delights the senses: beauty can be about a problem; it can be something that repels you or makes you question the status quo. The idea that it is a cultural phenomenon, susceptible to argument through the creative process, fascinates her.

Intrinsic to her method is the collecting and sorting of materials from hundreds of different sources over a period of months, even years. In turn, pieces evolve intuitively as if out of the subconscious, the language evocative rather than purely illustrative. As the work takes shape, a new, playful reality emerges, so that the object itself becomes a sort of prism, refracting the layers of meaning and cultural associations buried within, the quantity of materials used sometimes deliberately overwhelming, as if charged with a power and ambition beyond the reach they possess when seen in isolation.

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"OMG!!! check out this chick's website!!! this is amazing!!! she IS freaking working with FEATHERS!!!! OMG!!! these artists are soooo freaking creative!!! i thought i had a talented and creative min....ha...these people truly amaze me!!! thanks for sharing such amazing works!!! i am soooo more than pleased!!!!!"

"did note leave me with any kind of emotion"

"Are those feathers? This is crazy. It is ultimately amazing and makes you just want to keep looking at it."

"i love installation. So expressive."

"unusual vision!!! very personal!!"

"Although i've seen something similar to this before a long time ago at the Met, it's definitely better than the lame excuse for art the i saw fastened to the wall (a simple faucet) i don't normally criticize things but it was kind of nonsensical and though you can derive almost any idea you want out of it, my immediate conclusion was "This is stupid" lol At least this has dimension and energy *thumbs up*"

"Amazing it is so cool!!: )"

"what a refreshing show!"

"stange but has a lot of talent"


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