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Albert Guasch  Barcelona, Spain

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About Albert

Making the most of my own imaginary and the collective likewise, I propose reflection spaces surrounding contemporary conflicts like the dialectic about nature and culture, and the difficulties of communication.

An imagining that flees from the spectacularity and the fascination for the media, that moves away from the photographic precision, that doesn’t want the gesture of the trace or the harmony of the colour…

An imagining that arises from “realities” that struggle to go beyond the immediate in order to go deep into situations that are more mysterious and unknown than the ones left in the starting point.

A “calm” glance that moves among the gaps of what is poetic and what is incisive, that looks for a certain balance between hiding and showing in a paused and subtle way.

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"The statement gives us insight into the artist's thinking, and it makes me want to have a conversation with the him as much as seeing the painting does. Each paragraph refers to interesting ideas...individual and collective unconscious, the nature of reality and how much to literally depict or suggest, etc. I want to ask the artist if in the second paragraph he is communicating that the imagination and poetry of the images is more important to him than any analysis of technique or response of the viewer to his "technique"...(moving away from photographic precision and an imagining that doesn't want the gesture of the trace or the harmony of the color); because these two paintings certainly do exhibit a photographic precision and harmony of color, and there is no trace of the gestural brushstroke..."

"yer art is great,the doll really scares me"

"Imaginative and technically good. You display real talent. What's next?"

"Hello to all! I'm the artist who painted the pictures you wrote about... Thanks for comments!!! I really appreciate it. And... Be sure the text has meaning for the writer... ;P"

"Phenomenal. absolutely phenomenal. The words of critics are vain attempts at asserting their own importance. It's easy for them to sling arrows from behind their screen whereas in reality most of them haven't the ability to create anything more than offspring and debt."

"I find this interesting. It reminds me of when I was a child, I had a dream that gave me the feeling I was floating. When I woke up, I was in mid air and falling. I hit the floor hard because I fell off the top bunk bed. Well, that is the first thing I thought of when I looked at this painting."

"All I have to say is....AhHhhmAzInG!Well done Albert."

"Dali it aint! ...but I would, without a doubt, frame it & hang it on the wall next to one!"

"It's not jargon, it makes sense. Get out a dictionary if you need to.The paintings are great, I love the one on the bottom. ^^"

"C'mon GP admit it. Its jargon and you don't get it, we all know you don't. But i'm sure your very special. Art shouldn't be about the explanation anyway. I think these paintings are great!"

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