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Amy Freeman  Memphis, TN

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About Amy

Responding to everyday stresses, anxieties and wonder, Amy Freeman creates narrative imagery that embraces the use of self portraiture. By nature, she is an actress but is too apprehensive to perform on stage. Instead, the studio becomes her theater where she actively draws and paints from direct observation. Aided by wigs and the occasional costume, Freeman alters her appearance while laboring to best portray a desired emotion and endure any necessary discomforts to fully express it. Motivated by daydreams and guided by passions that play a daily tug of war, she visually integrates reality with a spectacle of childhood fantasy, creating a transition between the simplicity of long ago and the complexity of what exists now.

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"Outstanding expressive artwork with vivid imagery and masterful blends of color! Has your husband, by chance, driven you toward some altered state of consciousness? :)"

"Love it! I keep going back to look for more details I may have missed."

"I really like these alot. There are so many storys here happing in the same field. I have to poke fun at the comment "It lacks simplicity and loses my attention."So the simple engages you more than the complex? Do you have a undamaged human brain or what? I think the poster may mean, " It's complexity intimidates me and I flee.""

"i think you are extremely talented. it seems like there is a lot of anger and questioning in your painting. a lot of wondering why things are as they are. keep seeking answers and keep painting."

"Absolutely luscious! This is some of the most competent and professional work I have seen on AAD. I thought, after reading the original blurb that I might be annoyed by an artist that uses herself as her primary model, but her face and body are so wonderfully angular and anatomically articulate that she seems to have an endless array of expressions. Miss Freeman's drawings are ambitious and display a skill that embraces the viewer with a full range of visual experience. Her paintings are masterful. Her use of color and brush technique present a savory ambiance of painterly magic, but my favorite facet to her work is the permeate use of foreshortening and atmospheric perspective that makes her work positively glitter.An enthusiastic 10 j-dubs."

"i can understand what you are trying to say with these paintings, i love the colors and the details but for some reason i dont like them... its great but maybe not my type of art..."

"I love your paintings..especially the way you diffuse colors around the room beautifully. Could you check out my paintings at my site and tell me what you think? I'd love your advice to develop my work more. Thanks"

"This is a very interesting concept using yourself in different characters of the painting. It certainly does show the stresses of modern day life with a fantasy aspect."

"Yes, it's partially hormonal (typical male comment) but to me it's talking about the bottled-up rage confronting these actors in the role tasks assigned by culture in every-day life; suppressing their sexuality and their social status. You don't see guys doing housework after all, and if you do, would someone paint that? Then there's the whole "birds in a cage" syndrome: the behavioral and aesthetic constraints placed upon middle-class women, maybe especially middle-class white women, and maybe especially in the "south". All I can say is keep painting sister, get it all out!"

"i totally dig this!"

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