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Dean Fleming  Los Angeles, CA

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About Dean

Dean Fleming was raised in the Pacific Northwest and spent his teenage years playing in garage bands around Portland, OR. An interest in the visual arts led him to southern California and a career in illustration. As a freelance illustrator his clients included Coca Cola, Microsoft, McDonalds, Colgate-Palmolive, R. J. Reynolds, Paramount Pictures, AT & T and many, many others. He recently changed his focus to fine art.

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"Out of this world"

"Woaah Very imaginitive, Unique, and Creative ( : Eht catches my attentionn < 3"


"haha, cake wishes he could produce art with as accurate rendering as a computer could. what a compliment! hate to break it to you "cake", but the world is californized and soulless. it's also beautifully complicated, like this painting. just depends how you look at it."

"Dean, ya gots quite an imagination, my friend! Peerless execution as always."

"It almost looks like it should be painted on black velvet, doesn't it?"

"im fond of the second one but the first one has more detail and the 2nd one i more creative"

"Mr. Fleming is talented and gifted in that what he makes is almost like a 3 d effect. Beautiful.:) and Unique!"

"I don't really understand how to interpret this art. Could somebody please help me?"

"The altar piece is amazing. Stunning technique. Ignore the lame comments,especially Cake & co. I think they may be the soulless ones hiding behind anonymity."

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