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Adrian Gouet  Santiago, Chile

'Systen Oscilatorio'
Oil on canvas
Oil on canvas

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About Adrian

Adrian Gouet is an artist based in Santiago, Chile. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from P. Universidad Católica de Chile and a Masters in Visual Arts from the University of Chile.

Adrian explains his work by saying, “From Muybridge’s chronophotographic experiments to the latest slow motion technology devices, my practice is about representing potentially emotive situations through an aseptic and depersonalized pictorial treatment. The emphasis lies in the strictly formal description of all kinds of sublime explosions, incredible energetic discharges, eruptions, sublimations, vertigos, falls, suspensions, precipitations, disintegrations, deformations, fusions and confusions of all states of matter. That suspension, that astonishment, the physical containment of that bordering moment of change and transformation, is what I seek in painting.”

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