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Asbestos  Dublin, Ireland

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About Asbestos

One of the biggest pieces I’ve ever done at 1.5 x 2metres. It’s painted onto 5 separate pieces that are built from nearly 40 smaller triangles of wood that I found in skips in Dublin, Belfast, London and Kerry. It builds on a new direction in my work, using triangles as the core element.

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'Eye Contact'



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How exactly does he do that? waiting for answers...Cheers! :)

The vision and the compassion, as well as your deep artistic gift, moved me. This is how we take care of one another--generous sharing of our concern for humankind.

Both are very strange but amazing at the same time.

No it's not a cheap trick, and I don??t see the Warhol/Basquiat connection? Maybe if I need to squint when I look at the paintings.

As far as, "One might consider this a Dada piece which is provocative in asking the proverbial question ??what is art??" Please spare me the mental masturbation. I hate when faux art critics launch into pseudo intellectual discussion about the boorish philosophical question of what is art. Who cares? Why not speak directly to the efficacy of the paintings?

These pieces aren??t Dadaist, and they don??t challenge any of the traditional conventions of painting. The use of media is different, but not revolutionary. These pieces are effective because the evoke the personal. The gaze of the boxer, and the far off contemplation of the older man are made all the more resonate because the intimacy of their portraits has been drawn forth from the impersonal refuse of a city. These pieces speak to the retention of humanity in the face obscurity. They are reminiscing of a shared moment between to stranger. I enjoyed these paintings, and applaud the artist.

Does anyone else see this as a cheap trick? This is reminiscent of Warhol with the expressions of Basquiat. One might consider this a Dada piece which is provocative in asking the proverbial question "what is art?".

I love the expression of the first painting. It causes you to look and continue to look. Captivating and provocative. Great work.

I find this very inspirational and so beautiful.

Strong, tough images, very now. And paintings, photographic reference but paintings. Fab.

Some people do not seem to realize that these are paintings and not pictures. I love the depth of these paintings; a lot of which comes from the use such unique materials. Awesome.

Ken - These are just the photos of the artwork he created by painting on objects from the area.

They are quite beautiful and very well done. Even if it was "just" a photograph, it still holds a beautiful emotion in it.

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