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Mark Mawson  Sydney, Australia

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About Mark

Mark Mawson’s works range from portraits to fashion and these beautiful shots from the “Aqueous” series. Mark captures these beautiful shots by dropping paint in water. The result is a mysterious sea-like effect that, while simple, produces a stunning image.

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'Under Water'


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"Nice Ocean looking activity in full view."

"its almost sci fi or something you'd think of while reading a scary child's a smoke boogey man"

"reminds me of the ballet.very nice."

"I thought these were jellyfish! Haha."

"simple maybe but the result is anything but. I find the work organic and enchanting, not 'disturbing' in any way. They remind me of nebulas(it's not nebuli, I looked it up)"

"The color variety and shapes from a unique approach of creating images and design is incredible. I only wish I had thought of this first. Very well done and composition is second to none"

"this is great dont need to say more"

"amazing!!! i got to try this myself..."

"Wow. It's be cool to dump 5 or 6+ different colors of paint and take a picture before they could mix together too much. Great photo, Mark!"

"incredible and inspiring.. I find his work to be subtle, yet bold; calming, yet exhilarating"

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