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Cherri Wood  Saint Paul, MN

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About Cherri

Cherri Wood (aka Fy Simone) is a young illustrator based in Minnesota, USA. Deeply influenced by indie films, comic art, graphic novels and photography, her watercolour and ink studies explore various areas such as alienation, childhood idiosyncrasies, and psychosis.

Each drawing contains quotes and dialogues from classic plays and short stories, which help narrate each inkling.

Cherri is currently working on a new a series, mostly containing animals (at times accompanied by little-willowy girls). She will be using various mediums such tea-stains, flora stains, carmel soda stains, juice mix and scents added with acrylic and india ink.

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"I've seen this type of art SO MANY TIMES!"

"I like how nothing is distinct it helps me dive into it more."

"I like the limited color palette.... it helps put more emphasis on the textures and composition."

"The second image reminds me of Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book"

"AWSOME!!!!!!!!! ^.^"

"These aren't really to my taste, but they are very well executed. The artist shows a great deal of skill with the two examples here. Color, texture and white space are very well handled."

"This artist has a very gritty style. The works look like coffee stains on a white tablecloth. The negative space makes the females(if that is what they are) look ghost like. Overall I think the artist is unique and has an interesting artistic talent."

"Beautiful pieces! I really like the first it is inspiring."

"These are amazing! Very powerful pieces."

"The pieces are well done, and the composition is well executed. The pieces just don't "speak" to me. Not a criticism of your talent."

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