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About Mac

Since having started painting graffiti as “The Mac” in the mid 90s, Mac has been commissioned to produce murals around the world, he has exhibited in museums, and his work has graced the cover of numerous publications. Mac has gained increasing notoriety for his almost photorealistic depictions of both ordinary people and ethereal women, in a style that is uniquely his own. Mac’s intricate brushwork styles have also gained attention, while some of his murals have become mini-landmarks. Elements, themes and techniques of classic art are often incorporated into a modern context in Mac’s artwork, usually with an emphasis on the human face and figure. His work is the result of a life devoted to art.

Recommended by our guest curators

Derek Gores

Melbourne, FL artist

"Luscious mark-making grabbed me first. In an ocean of figurative and portrait artists, Mac manages to bring something ethereal and moving and new."

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I'm really enjoying the top featured mural that combines photorealistic style with a kind of Dr. Seuss surreal quality that is phenomenal!


Absolutely fantastic! You inspire. I may head out to find some of your work in person.



loooooooooove the 3d art

Wow a little like mosaics

The Top piece:

...this is perfection in Art Painting period

i just love them both
its amaziang
looks so real and breathtaking
i wish i could paint like that
you have a true talent, dont let anyone make you stop

woah. I have to say that its wow.

very captivating seems so real and full of life. congrats on making such a master piece

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