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Melissa Forman  Cleveland, OH

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About Melissa

Melissa Forman from Cleveland, Ohio, has been painting on commission since she was fourteen. By day she illustrates for commercial purposes, but by night she paints for pleasure. Her nocturnal work has been exhibited nationwide. Forman describes her process as a careful calibration of colors and elements with which to signal a particular sentiment or mood.

She gradated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA and an ambition to represent figures isolated from their environments, so frozen and expressionless that they might serve as “a window into something deeper and far more human”.

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"Buongiorno Melissa mi chiamano Enrico :) e ammirando le sue Opere sono lieto di invitarla a visionare il mio sito SapiensArt è una operazione artistica che nasce come provocazione alla ludopatia (dipendenza al gioco d'azzardo) quindi meglio l'Arte come patologia incurabile Sarei onorato se caricasse in upload alcune delle sue Opere da far vedere alla Comunità di SapiensArt. Arte a riempire i vuoti dell'animo umano come cura per un Mondo Migliore. Cordialmente Enrico Dassereto"

"I love it so much~"

"love your works ,amazing"

"stunning beauty.. :)"

"your work is amazing, pure beauty. you are talented. what a gift.thanks."

"MY REVIEWpic a; she glories in the stuning beauty of a princess whose kingdom is solidly founded upon a rock.pic b; quest to hold captive, a subject hiding in disguise."

"Wow these are really really good and mysterious!"

"Absolutely beautiful. You can respect the time put into these pieces. Wonderful artist!"

"wow...both of these are gawjus ((: srry cant really spell all that well :D"

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