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Audrey Pongracz  Detroit, MI

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About Audrey

I believe art should be attainable to everyone, visually or mentally. This is something I strive for in my work. Art should be a viewing experience. I love when I can look at a painting and be entranced by it, in awe of its application or just the wonder of it. European art has this effect on me, like the works of artist such as Jan Vermeer and Rembrandt van Rijn. The use of light and contrast, the rich colors, all making the painting better than what’s real.

Painting is something I feel that I have to do. I find I get quite depressed if I go too long without it. My paintings are basically a mirror of what’s going on inside my head. Personal experiences, dreams, or a flash of imagery conjured up by all the many things crammed in there. Sometime I like have to have a little fun, and take a break from all seriousness. That’s when paintings like ‘Plush”,
‘ Rapunzel” and ‘The Girl with the Most Cake” come along. A good balance is necessary, the best of both worlds, or sometimes the worst of both worlds. These elements can be found in all my work, either in the contrast of color, the imagery, or situations. A constant balance, it’s something I try to perfect in both of my worlds.

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"I really like these. Eye-catching and unsual! I especially like the woman sitting down."

"Wow Your work is amazing!"

"nice work,i looked and kept looking, interesting!"

"ilove the top painting very eye catching i m ade my home screen i love it"

"so detailed and thought out amazing"

"Love your work! The woman with the snow, empty, nest, book is just awesome!"

"I love it! It's very beautiful and detailed. :D"

"your paintings were amazing you did a truly incredadable job on them i give you five gold stars for a job well done!"

"man, if i could draw like that, id be a illistrater!!!"

"Very creative. Childlike with a twist. And the most use of the color pink I've seen in a long time! Unique and interesting."

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