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Chrystal Chan  San Francisco, CA

'Contemplating Destined Coordinates'
Oil on board
'The Protector'
Oil on board

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About Chrystal

Chrystal Chan was born and raised in Northern California. Being fascinated by the spiritual world since the age of seventeen, most of her works present subjects in metaphorical situations that are derived from visions, supernatural experiences, and beings. Other works are reflective of feelings and situations placed in the everyday life. Each piece is a metaphor of the physical or supernatural universe.

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"Just found some of Chrystal's paintings on while looking up Anna Wili-Highfield's paper owl sculptures. I saw her painting of the girl with the deer and was instantly smitten. It reminded me somewhat of Frieda Kahlo's paintings of deer ("Love Hurts" though, of course, it is not a literal interpretation) and when I read that she utitlizes spiritual and dreamy messages, well I became an instant fan as well. Love that picture of the girl and the birds forming a being. Fascinating. Can't wait to delve into her other works as well. Bravo~"

"WOW. I love your imagination."

"I do like, very nice how much"

"the paintings, as pointed by someone else too, are unsettling..and the description of the artist talks a lot about i kind of expect more calm and soothing pictures..i see an intriguing contradiction here..wondering if its deliberate..wondering..wondering..wondering....I concede..wonderful piece of art!:-)"

"oh and the cropping on the top one pleasantly drives me crazy. not seeing the eyes leaves you wanting more of an explanation but im guessing thats purposeful"

"the indifference in the faces make it seem i dont know what but an nonchalant/unimportant mood comes to me. impressive skill, i like your illustrations better than the rest of the stuff. i think simplicity is really powerful with the general mood being portrayed."

"Has a strange feeling about these. Beautiful and unsettling.I like them..a lot."

"I'm surprised by the hyper-sexualized way the girl on the bottom is standing...."

"The bottom one looks like the birds are coming out of her and flying across to make a new girl out of birds...she has an unbelievable imagination...."

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