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Leslie Ditto  Memphis, TN

'Alice in Wonderland'
Oil on linen

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About Leslie

As far back as I, Leslie Ditto, can remember I have always been drawn to self expression through visual arts. As a young girl, growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, I was not exposed to any classical surreal artist until I attended Overton High School for the performing and Visual Arts.

I was accepted into Otis Parsons in Los Angeles. After only two months of training my father had become terminally ill and I was forced to return home to Memphis. I was never able to return to school but could not deny the artist in me the opportunity for expression just because I had never been formally trained.

Over the years I researched techniques of the ‘Old Masters” such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Rubens, Raphael, and Rembrandt. I fell in love with the technique of glazing transparent oil color over a neutral colored under painting. With strong influences from fantasy artist, surreal artist, and the “Old Masters”, I create disturbingly beautiful oil paintings that interpret to the viewer my deep emotions that are conceived from my views of current social, political, and religious dynamics. My ideas come to me in an organic fashion. Starting with a seed of a simple idea and growing into many complex symbols and images. My main goal is to capture my audience and bring them to my emotional state in the hopes that my test for an echo will be a success.

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"Your work is amazing, I’m so in love"

"I find your art absolutely fabulous and bought 2 paintings, one for my daughter's birthday gift, but before I gave it to her I brought her to the festival to see your work and she too fell in love with it and purchased 3 or 4 of our pieces!!! I knew she would love it! You are so extremely talented and will be very famous!"

"I am extremely inspired along with your writing talents and also with the layout to your blog. Is this a paid subject or did you modify it your self? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to peer a great weblog like this one these days.."

"I totally adore your art! My new favorite artist."

"hi,i'm studying surrealism for my A-level art and I stumbled across you on the web by accident. Since then I've looked at all your paintings and find them incredibly powerful and moving as well as being delicate and pretty. I particularly like your use of light and it's celestial quality which reminds me a little of Caravaggio."

"The drawings can not imagineNice."

"She is an awesome artist and person. Absolutely"


"Great response to anonymous, Brian. I got a bit miffed after reading that comment as well. It's just plain arrogant/ignorant of someone to bash the work in that manner. Art is subjective, period. You don't have to like it, but you should respect the efforts of the artist and what they are trying to create. I love this forum because most people critique from a point of education, appreciation and love of art... in all forms."

"The most imagination in one person I have ever seen! keep going you will be the best one day.Don't pay attention to the negitive,keep on the positive side."

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