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Linnea Strid  Uppsala, Sweden

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About Linnea

Linnea creates detailed and realistic oil on canvas/plywood paintings. Most notably, is her ability to paint splashes and pools of water with an extraordinary level of realism and believability.

She received her training from Gävle Konstskola and Falkenbergs Konstskola. She has exhibited all over Sweden including a recent show at Galleri Kocks in Stockholm.Linnea has also participated in group shows across Spain and participated in several international competitions.

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"I agree with Dulce"

"i luv it ....................."

"Both pieces here reminds me of a verse in the Bible: "as in water face answereth face, so does the heart of man to man".It also says to me, that the life has come out(from the top picture) and we see him as she is(to the bottom picture). For the life is in the blood.This is a very abstruse art work that deserves much attention in thought. It is a spiritual insight we have been given here. Thank you Linnea."

"these are ridiculously good."

"absolutely beautiful! compelling, poignant, very skilled i LOVE it!"

"These are remarkable. The way she captures water is beyond what you could ever expect from any artist. Not only did she draw the water so that it looks like a photo, she also distorted the person perfectly in the water."

"Thank you for these. They are sensational in their reality, and I appreciate that you have caused my mind to cope with them through humor. This is helpful. Had they been actual police pictures, I might not have been able to observe them beyond nightmares, deaths, and my own fears to remember. As they are, I see the plumbing, a period in time, and appreciate the immediacy of their incomplete solutions--resolute liberty--to give themselves to death. I love that the artist sees this subject matter through liquid paint. Long live Linnea Strid...."

"Amazing realism!"

"Is the ink a metaphor for a barcode... or for blood.Funny... I found the same five days ago. Wish you could have painted me~*"

"I know how it feels to submerge yourself under water... holding your breath and feeling your heart slow, as if to take the last beat... pondering inhaling when under, and wondering if your mind has reached the point of capability.Drowing in life and imagining death as per the same."

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