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Fang Ling Lee  Chattanooga, TN

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About Fang Ling

Fang Ling Lee’s artwork focuses on symbolic imagery that is conceived within large-scale transcendental paintings. In Fang’s work the union of realism and abstraction parallel the opposing themes that are represented. In this realm of allegory, her figures are the storytellers, led by the icons that exist within.

Currently, Fang has been the only artist to exhibit at all the national porn conventions including the AVN Expo in Las Vegas for the past two years. Recent collectors include Jenna Haze and Sasha Grey. Her current work reflects the indulgence of sex and death.

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"Beautiful work."

"Absolutely beautiful! love it!"


"Ms. Lee's work is wonderful & exciting and fills me with hunger & passion for more!"

"Absolutely Wonderful! Love !"

"Brilliant! Love the imagery, the colors, the sensual style in which she paints her subjects. Instant follower of this beautiful artist."

"i'm not particularly fond of these pieces mainly because it seems the artist paid far too much attention to the imagery. the women in the photo, (who take up the most room and are the first thing one would usually look at) were not painted as well as i would hope to see in a painting of this nature. Everything else is very well painted though."

"a good thing of it's kind.all very short comments, interesting how someone can make three wine bottles and a bunch of plums look scary."

"There is good, there is interesting, there is great.These paintings are genius. Thw woman is good, interesting, great, and genius.I am in awe.Dan, not easily pleased when it comes to art"

"Very Nice!!!"

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