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Julian Lesser  New York, NY

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About Julian

Future Gardens and Other Destinations is the result of time I’ve spent self reflecting, traveling through my mind searching for answers. While creating these paintings, with simple pours and intricate line work, I spent time in my head working through the event s of the past year. The process of making these paintings gave me quiet time, away from the city, in my head, to reflect upon myself, my choices, motivations and fears. The paintings are gardens, cities and maps of places I’ve traveled while contemplating. They are the places I’ve gone to recharge, rethink and analyze my past, present and future.

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"Amzing! in amidst of so much chaos its beautiful!"

"i am usually not a fan of abstract art, but this really caught my eye this is nice work"

"keeping thinking I could too! not so just thank the ones that do truly a great art. yep its mind relaxing"

"All art has a place. But as a musician I always had a problem with never knowing when enough was enough creating layer upon layer of music which took away from the simple composition. I have found through artwork that thats really not so much the case. It is what it is. Julian's artwork is amazing and multidimensional. Its amazing what some brains can concieve; Organized chaos that is beautiful. Great Work!!!"


"I just have to add a few more comments! I just love your paintings so much. The words that come to mind when I see your work are: Organic, dream-like, intricate, elegant, whimsical, and BEAUTIFUL!!!"

"Absolutely stunning work. I got goosebumps when I looked through your works on your website. It's like looking into your mind or something, it's amazing! Your palate is very broad but very controlled at the same time. I just can't tell you how much I like your work. Bravo, keep painting, you have a true gift and looking at your work makes me happy!"

"Hey there guys,Thanks you for all your kind words! I didn't even know that I was going to get featured on the site. What a pleasant surprise!Please visit my website to learn more about me You can purchase my art, learn more about me and where I am currently showing by emailing"

"Greetings from Portugal.Only today i discover this great site, im a artist too and only in 2008 i decide to make my Art seriously.Im always looking for other artits that their work say somthing to me, and Julian Lesser is one of!namaste!"

"Wow. Amazing, amazing work. Are you exhibiting any time soon in the NYC area?"

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