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Jeanne Cassanova  New Orleans, LA

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About Jeanne

Baskin Robbins is infested with roaches. I know this because when I worked there I would sometimes catch a fleck of brown darting motion out the corner of my eye and have to stifle a scream in the face of an innocent customer. But there amidst the fluorescent saccharine fantasy was something deeply creepy and disturbing hidden right beneath the surface. I think that it was during the seminar on proper mopping techniques that I had my epiphany: Baskin Robbins survived on false facades. The average customer had no idea that the beautiful pink swirls in the ice cream turned tar black when left in a melted puddle on the floor for a day. This ugliness lurking under an exaggeratedly sweet surface has permeated my artwork and become the underlying theme within my paintings. My decisions are steered by my belief in art as a conglomeration of creativity, production, theory and contemporaneity.

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"That's a skillful answer to a difflcuit question"

"meaningful and colorful"

"i love this!!!"

"The first word that come to my mind when i see this, is Caos, but its controlled caos... i like the vibrant colors with the contrasts, i think i already see in this site a similar artist, but i dont remember his name, i like your works they are very cool, the only thing that is not positive for me, is that the compositions are allmust the same, but its a good"

"i really belived this discription told me a: never eat at baskin robins agian and that most of life is covered by an appereance u might have gotten ur epiphany than but i got mine now. thanks"

"Interesting (and disgusting!) statement. So much in life is all about appearances. There is sometimes beauty in the 'ugliness', too."

"I really enjoyed the description of your art. I think it's a really interesting concept to explore in paintings. I love how you really have to get involved with these paintings in order to understand them. I think getting people to look more closely at things and devote your mind into absorbing all that is going on is good in this world where we do many things at once and never have any room to focus on any one thing at a time."

"its bad ass bro, do another one with music"

"Jeanne:How intricate in form and color; Asian flair and color brilliance; but it needs to be seen in person. I don't think I can digest it this way. It should be sitting in a gallery, where it can be viewed from all angles and distances. What a treat to look at, and to know the artist."

"More extraordinary work - the website is a must see! So much detail and intricate work. Her work demands a close look - don't want to miss anything."

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