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Laura Ball  San Francisco, CA

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About Laura

Conflicts and struggles that complicate the human experience continue to inspire my investigations. For ‘Sirens Sing you to Shipwreck”, the heroic journey of world myths and the events of the subconscious provide sources for conflict and struggle that move from the world into the depths of the psyche ‘into unsuspected Aladdin caves … where not only jewels but also dangerous jinn abide: the inconvenient or resisted psychological powers that we have not thought or dared to integrate into our lives .” (Campbell) Pivotal moments from the heroines’ journeys inspire the paintings and watercolors, which can in turn be read as universal icons that map progress along life’s path.

Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces provides a road map for guiding my heroines through tests and rituals, across thresholds of transformation and rites of passage. As the heroines cross the boundary into the subconscious realm the real battles and conflicts unfold. Along the way they are challenged by supernatural creatures and manifestations of the ego and guided by animal totems and guardians as they answer the call to adventure.

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"go USA!"

"Euphoric is a great word to describe your paintings, I'm in love with the intricate details and fantastic events!"

"As a writer, I can read so much into your work. Stunning."

"OH my goodness.....Some of the most euphoric, curious artwork I've ever seen. This is absolutely stunning :0)xx"

"Your colorfu, optimistic paintings give a hope :)Arthur ( Poland )"

""Love at First Sight" is stunning!! Simply beautiful."

"I just lost my dog and this makes my heart happy"

"Very interesting, intriguing, and fun work!"

"i like your work very much.Aspasia Kralli(actress-director). ATHENS.Greece."

"This is incredible"

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