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Adam Courtney  Brooklyn, NY

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About Adam

My work is about constructing environments. Sometimes those environments become part of a photograph and sometimes they are the final product. Each space is intended to convey a mood, a feeling or more often small slice of nostalgia that makes the viewer recall a moment of their own life or experiences.

Often it’s simply about bending the world into an unusual shape. Sometimes I want to tell you something about what I’m thinking; other times I want the world to reflect what I’m thinking, and I’ll bend, twist, paint, hammer, cut up and stitch back pieces of the world to create the images simmering in my head.

Each image is a collaboration between myself and dozens of other people in my life who suggest ideas, live lives full of interest, do strange, fascinating and uncomfortable things, or who simply agree to stand in front of my camera and bring as much of who they are as they can to the creative process.

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"The top photo reminds me of becoming an adult and just that bit of you that wants to go back to that comfort of being a child and living at home being taken care of by your family."

"These are amazing. Where can we see more of this artist's work?"

"masterpiece-- you do realize they are photographs, right?"

"I love the skyscrapers floor of the first picture"

"Awesome work! Thank you for sharing!"

"This artwork is fabulous. It looks so real. Two thumbs up :)"

"These created environments are very interesting and quite dramatic. They are telling us a story. Lovely concept."

"Macabre, frighting. The ballet dancers awkward position sitting on the floor suspended above infinity made all the more surreal by a shadow box filled with stuffed children's animals. Lower image; is this what our life is about? In the end only a collection of memories. By these riveting images, the artist is saying something important about the human condition."

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