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Jim Lind  New York, NY

'In ruins'
'City exit'

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About Jim

Jim Lind is a photographer and retoucher based out of New York City.

Jim explains his work by saying, “I strongly believe that each person is made up of a collection of the stories they tell. For this reason I’ve always felt compelled to share my stories with others. Whether real, somewhat real, or entirely fictional, these events expose that which is truly important to me. Often the images illicit fabricated narratives that are deeply rooted from the stories I experienced as a child. My photographs are a window into the realities and fantasies that I immerse myself in every day. There is a need to create new work that visually excites the imagination much in the same way a book does. While a picture may be worth 1000 words, a great picture escapes words and enters the imagination.”

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'New York'



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"i love it"

"nice lighting"

"like it"

"Very nature inspired"

"awesome, very captivating."


"Amazing how the MIND work. Beautiful work!"

"Ah! Love your stuff....can't help but see the correlation between your work and Gregory Crewdson's.... but that's not a bad thing whatsoever! I enjoy your use of light and surreal subject matter."

"Jim, good job!"

"for me, the second one really speaks. i love the basic ideas!"

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