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Angelika Trojnarski  Dusseldorf, Germany

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About Angelika

Variegated decay and abandonment are the protagonists of Trojnarski’s work – dissolving dwellings and orphaned amusement parks, rusted ship hulls and the rickety edifices of a civilization desperately denying its own condition and fate. Focusing on the architectural remains and industrial excess of an economic fall-out, Trojnarski examines how humanity’s true strengths can be dwarfed by the greed and myopia of a dominant few, leaving those affected clinging to their residual past and wondering what went wrong.

In this investigation, Trojnarski creates a certain Baudelairean beauty; fractured planes propel outward, sustained by unfaltering scaffolds and solid foundations, all brilliantly illuminated under awash of radiant light. A heroic optimism motivates the apparent wreckage, demonstrating the vast potentiality for change and regrowth. She explains, ‘This exhibition is a dichotomy of attraction and rejection, temptation and redemption.’ These ‘seductive still lifes of destruction,’ caught in arrested motion like a neglected construction site, hauntingly bear witness to the traumas within our collective memory. Like skeletons of their former selves, the images seem to lament an irrevocable loss while implicitly calling for an effort to move forward and rebuild the twisted spine of social conscience.

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"mankind, why must we be the only beings on earth that seek to change the world.. what we create rots and leaves behind waste that only stains a once beautiful nature"

"Only this kind of decay could look striking and beautiful..."

"One of my favorite pieces of Anjelika's is "Skeleton Park". I love the emotion they invoke. They're lonely and desolate but in a lovely way. They portray the sentimental beauty of aging well. I did a little post on her Kinsey/Desforges show on my blog:"

"I enjoyed how my eyes were drawn to the center rather than the bottom left as usual with most paintings"

"I like z style, specially the background.. However I see Angelika's work similar to Tristram Lansdowne who posted her works on 08 June 2009 here.."

"thought this was really great. the use of light and shadow to truly convey the feeling of the place. loved it!"

"WOW! they look so real they might as well be photos! ...WOW! Although with me also being an artist (not nearly as good though) I too can tell this was water colored. I like how it shows every detail."

"Thank you, guys.All the above is oil on canvas, Jeremy.Have you seen my installations on:"

"I love this pictures they are beautyful. <3"


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