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Simon Birch  Hong Kong

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About Simon

A full time artist, Simon Birch is a young Hong Kong artist who’s made a huge impact with his energy and vision in the last few years. Apart from his critically acclaimed, dramatic paintings, he’s managed to produce overwhelming installations, curated wonderful exhibitions, collaborated with leading artists, produced high profile commissioned works….the list goes on, needless to say Birch is one passionate, motivated man.

Of Armenian descent, born in Brighton in 1969, Birch began painting at a very early age, he is self taught. He has pursued a versatile career, which has included design, music and sport, but he has continued to paint throughout his life. He has been a resident in Hong Kong since 1997. Birch is also well know as a DJ and graffiti artist, his ‘Naughty Monkey’ work receiving much acclaim in the Hong Kong media. He also part owns Yumla, the most happening bar in Hong Kong.

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"Is this the same Simon aka Dj Blackjack who organised the Big Bad Head raves in the UK & Perth in the early nineties???"

"it reminds me of myself in a couple of ways. the second one reminds me of how ppl with my disease (depression) are crying out in desperation for help. it's also another great piece of art. well done."

"LUVZ IT.. wish i could be that brave."

"excellent motions and life!"

"There's talent here, but they don't really do anything for me. In these two examples there I perceive such aggression to the point that I am completely put off by them. I also agree with the comment about the disorganization of the website portfolio; it's really frustrating to not know what you are looking at."

"Very interesting and a different twist on painting the human form."

"amazing...very inspirational work"

"The man definitely has skill in his craft, but the cheesy melodrama and faux-rebellion counter-culture of his work is unfortunately an all-too-common theme I see in a lot of modern art. Oooo, tattoos! Graffiti! The middle finger! This guy is SO against the status quo! I really love image 37 in the "Highlights" section; the most stylishly-dressed street fight ever. Hardcore. It's a real shame to see naturally talented people create such vapid work."

"Amazing work! Thanks!"

"Brilliant! I love these, they're really inspiring."

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