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Corey Corcoran  Boston, MA

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About Corey

Found photographs usually provide the springboard for my work. I collect discarded strangers’ albums, snapshots from my family’s archive, and historic photographs from hometown. The photos that interest me most seem to hum with potential. They feel related to my personal experience on both a formal and conceptual level. My goal through painting is to discover this connection and create an image that is transcendent of the source material and my associations with it.

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"reminds me of a combo of Klee and Miro. Nice work!"

"this guy is good. really, really good."

"I really like the idea of taking pieces of various photo sources and creating one work that balances the color and unlike images. It takes a creative mind and discerning eye to achieve this, and these pieces work well. The only thing I don't like is the drippy paint that shows up in a lot of art I've been seeing. What's with that? Anyway, these are interesting and appealing works."

"Nice mixing of mediums."

"I agree that both the artist's old and new work are interesting, but I vote for the newer work. It is more stylized, almost tribal, vibrant and archtypical. Some of it reminds me of Frida Kahlo in its use of earth tones and flesh tones, and imagery of blood, bone, fluids, plants, roots. Still, it is completely unique. Fantastic!"

"So original and colorful. It's an "experience" to look at each piece on artist site. Wish I could get that much out of viewing other folks old photos! And, i would love to have any one of several as my own. They're GREAT!"

"Wonderful patterning and color. Very eye catching."

"Both old and new work is intriguing, though, I tend to like the older work better. To me, the newer stuff seems a bit macabre while your older work has life to it. Like I said...all is intriguing. Keep up the good work."

"Good fluid use of primary colors. Like a runny matisse"

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