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Rory Kurtz  Chicago, IL

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About Rory

I’m an artist/illustrator living and working in Chicago, IL. I’m inspired by film and music more than anything, and try to breathe that into my art. I like the dark side of things, as much as the light, and like to blend the two together into more ambiguous pieces.

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"Love how you portray through the eyes just how deadly these people can be. One blissfully unaware and the other completely."

"Rory - Stumbled on this today. Great work as usual, I'm proud to own some originals."

"Setting aside the unreachable aspect, it looks like the artist didn't know what point to make with this piece, or lost where it was going."

"Amazingly beautiful artwork. I love it."

"Each character sits in a natural but vulnerable position. They are both young besides danger, ready to move forward. The position of their eyes, the composition, color position, all create movement. These images are alive. Thanks!"

"I REALLY "dig" the RAV's w/the girl on it. Bespeaks these times!"

"You are a rare talent my dear.... amazing work, beautiful lines and use of color! Each painting is filled with so much emotionality! Kudos to you from your number one fan."


"Awesome work, Rory. We are so blessed to have such a talented artist as a member of our family!!"

"Very intriguing and thought provoking work. Nicely done."

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