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Mehgan Trice  Akron, OH

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About Mehgan

Mehgan Trice was born in Chicago Illinois in 1987, and is presently living in Ohio. Mehgan began expressing her love for the arts at a very young age. As a child she spent most of her time drawing and writing stories from which she created her own films and animations which brought each of her tales to life.

Although she spent most of her life as a self taught artist, Mehgan now continues to study the arts through the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

Her inspiration for her artwork and films come not only from imagination, but other personal interest as well, such as, mythology, music, and cultures. Combining her love for art and storytelling, her work strives to tell a story of her characters and the mysterious world they reside in, with the goal to stir the emotions of those who view them. Mehgan also enjoys filmmaking, reading, photography, theater, and traveling.

Be sure to check out these awesome time lapse videos of Mehgan’s paintings:
“Red is the Rose”
“Rainbow Eyes”
“Falling Away”

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"The artist has a good idea of shading and mixes some nice reds, but her figures are cartoonish. The composition might also be more interesting if she did not worry about centering things."

"I could imagine the first one on an album or something. Full of emotion, I like it. Sad, yet more uplifting then some of the stuff one might see out there. Great for Halloween though."

"So gorgeous i wish i had half this talent to draw. : ( I'll make due with my photography..."

"I don't think the execution of these works is particularly notable, and I feel like I've seen these sorts of symbols and motifs before...perhaps at Hot Topic."

"These are so beautiful and full of emotion and tale. The colors are wonderful but it is the unspoken that touches my soul."

"This speaks volumes to me. I love the playful colors and serious message. This image shows strong emotion and I compliment the artist."

"reminds me of sumthin... =D good work Ms. Trice!"

"wow i loved how she made an perpelling use of the color and texture of the fine paints. that's a fine artist indeed. i wish her the best luck with pursuing the art industry."

"I love the paintings and they way they bring each character to life."

"Love your work"

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