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Jeremy Asher Lynch  Huntington Beach, CA

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About Jeremy Asher

Born on a chicken farm in Hebron, Maryland, Jeremy has migrated between Alaska, California and Florida. He began creating skate videos and short films when he was just eight. A self-taught artist, Jeremy has shown his work in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Barcelona, and London.

Jeremy now resides in Huntington Beach, California, working as a Video Editor/Shooter by day and an artist by night.

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"both girls seem liek they are off in thier own little world.I wish i could be like that"

"My children eat small animals every day. Bunch of wet blankets. JAL drinks lots of coffee, and it gets spilled all over his paintings. In the words of Comic Book Guy - "Best.....artist........EVER""

"The series I did in the past with the children eating the animals was called "Acquired Taste" It was a series about growing up poor, surviving, and having to deal with what you got in front of you. My goal for this series wasn't to create shocking paintings, it was to hopefully evoke a bit of sadness and embrace some of it. We all need to be sad every now and then. Its funny cause I'm not a sad person by any means, yet my imagery comes off very melancholy."

"sweeeeeet love the first one"

"Agreed with Tony"

"Very cool. But children eating small animals... not so cool. I can understand if depicting an image like that was supposed to mean something, but I don't think it does. You're just trying to shock people. And I don't like that."

"Nice use of texture ;) Is this watercolor on yupo or is that was resist? My art students love this!"

"I think its beautiful. It reminds me of the way things appear through a window while its raining outside."

"Love the textures and drama of these. Depressing but lovely. The technique demonstrated is great. However, I do agree with the previous comment about the samples of the children eating the animals; I don't care for those at all."

"Nice; think I want to purchase it after my personal recession is over..."

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