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Will Cotton  New York, NY

'Coconut Cake'
Oil on linen
Oil on linen

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About Will

Born in Melrose, Massachusetts, Will is best known for his is known for his surreal candy landscapes. His painting explore themes of temptation, gluttony and indulgence.

Now based in New York City, Will has a long list of shows on his resume including exhibitions at the Mary Boone Gallery in NYC, Baldwin Gallery in Aspen and the Glenn Horowitz Gallery in New York.

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"I saw your paintings at Mary Boone several years ago and they had a profound effect on me and my paintings. The shear size makes it necessary to see these in person. They envelope your psyche with an overwhelming warm sugary feeling! I love how the backgrounds are painted more than the figures. But it's easy to drown in the paintings' sweet world as you exit the gallery in a stupor."

"love it"

"Interesting +++++"

"Will Cotton paints such beautiful paintings, I would love to own one."

"I like the fancifulness of the sweets and figures. The juxtaposition of size and depth, and the childlike outfit in the one gives it a surreal dreamlike quality to me. I will have to search out more of what Will Cotton has created."

"Two years I have enjoyed the Artist of a Day, and you are in my top five. I love the colors, technique and subject matter. Your paintings brings back my childhood and all that was good about it, gets the imagination going and just makes me feel great. Oh, and I think they are beautiful!"

"Visit Will Cotton's website-his works are Beautiful, sweet,captivating and indulgent- long live Will Cotton!!!"

"Really? Dressing a woman up like a baby is lame. I just think it's poor work, poor premise."

"two trick pony"

"The website is definitely worth a visit. I enjoyed the paintings very much."

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