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Yury Darashkevich  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Yury

My works are about visual perception and the ways in which the face or body or sometimes even a simple cup responds to the color, line, texture or pattern. The “Thing” or “Subject” by itself, surrounded by “Great Nothing”, is my excitement. I try to establish a very private dialog between the viewer and the subject matter of my painting. It is a simple and sincere conversation without any unnecessary details.

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'Eye Contact'



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"These are really dynamic portraits. Love it!"

"be u tee ful women194o'slike the drip shows passage of time"

"There is some intrigue about those images that Yury is trying to convey?¦ and he leaves it for us to discover. Great work!"

"very nice!!!!like photos! how can I vote for them?"

"These ladies definitely have a character and style. Great work!"

"Yury's paintings are exceptional!"

"I seen Yury's work for 5 years, so I know he is a great painter. It's his creativity that continues to surprise me."

"very interesting and lovely.Love your painting.Would to see more of it."


"Realistic, yet contemporary. I find the women's images intriguing."

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