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Ingrid Magidson  Aspen, CO

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Ingrid grew up in Texas the child of two artists. So art is literally in her blood. It is natural she would also express herself as an artist. Looking at her work is like looking into the mind of the artist herself. Layer upon layer of images, art, texture, poetry, and paint float to the surface of her work. Each a memory, a thought ‘ an idea. It is an extraordinary achievement to translate thought, memories, and ideas to canvas, but Ingrid has done it. And the common question is, how does she do it” Meaning the actual creation of the work. While she does not offer the subtle details of her technique, it is clear that they are composed of layers: layers of transparent and opaque imagery, paint, collage, and ink. Throughout all of this are the fragments of her poems written both forward and backward. But the poems, like the imagery are fractured, leading the viewer through the artist’s dream.

Ingrid’s works are in fact dreams made manifest. And like a dream, one must suspend the rigid rules and conventions of the intellect. A dream is the gossamer wing of a butterfly, so easily destroyed when held too tight. Ingrid’s works are meant to be seen and then felt until words become pointless.

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"Ingrid is one who expresses dreams are reality and reality are glad you live life on your souls terms!Thank you for sharing with the world the depths inside of you, naked, splattered across the clear, vast canvas of our 'so called life'..."

"looks like your inspiration come from great composers, and yes maybe a genius from the past in the Arts? I am a musician, I saw your web site,I really love Puccini, Beethoven, great composers. Yea not too many modern music can feed my soul like those great composers from the past. Keep going Ingrid!!!"

"WOW...what astonishes me is the anger being cast from these messages....ALL ART is subjective and therefore one's reaction to art will be vastly different across the board...I wonder however, if the one's who so bitterly voice their disapproval are indeed artists themselves or simply wannabe's....would you put yourself, your innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions out for the world to judge??? I respect artists like Ingrid for having the confidence, courage and spirit to expose so much to the world....if you read the biographies of all great masters, you will find they were subjected to the same judgement by the "critics" of their time...hmmmm....I believe those who were so harshly judged are the very same ones we now call THE MASTERS...."

"Ingrid... the art is beautiful, the classical romanticism of the backing art coupled with the idealistic touches across the surface (like the butterflies in the stomach...what is she nervous about?). Lovely... let me know when you have a showing back home in Dallas!"

"Finally an insanely talented Visionary emerges, where the hell have you been Ingrid, the art world like so needs you! BTY-liked your ad in ART News Magazine-good luck."

"i think your work exquisite! Bravo!!! Magical,innovative and defiantly original!!! Your talent is obvious......remember your sources are yours. Should Johnny Appleseed get credit every time an apple is painted-hummmmm."

"she speaks her heart. These paintings are quite lovely. There is a strong sense of romanticism in her all her work that makes them very captivating. Ingrid, you are going to be very successful-I will look forward to watching you unfold into the art world-impressive work. I truly think that you have found something very unique and beautiful."

"Interesting, and inviting at first glance. I like the way the artist recasts the formal conventions of (apparently renaissance?) classicism and introduces the contemporary obsessions with graffiti and complexity and mixed/media collage onto the plain of the canvas. I like the way those introduced elements, which speak to the 2-dimensionality of the paintings, contradict the implied 3-dimensionality of the representational figures and space underneath.In the upper painting, I also like the contrast of what appears to be a decidedly modern aesthetic of beauty in the face of the figure, against the (to our eyes) aesthetic formula of representation so clearly fixed in the 15th century.Still, given all of the above, I'm also not sure that these works have the heft and depth of content necessary to hold my interest over time. I'm worried that they may all too quickly seem superficial and cliched, like so many paintings and works produced by the neo-classicists."

"If one can judge by the intensity of the opinions here, one can at least say Ingrid shakes things up. While visiting a gallery some years ago, I overheard a mother say to her young daughter after a strongly negative outburst, ??don??t say you hate something after so little effort, say you don??t understand it.? That certainly applies here. I have seen Ingrid??s work in person at her recent exhibition in Laguna Beach. And though the photos are more or less accurate, they do not capture the truly extraordinary nature of her work. They are several layers of transparent, or semi transparent media. The objects you see in the photos are actual, in other words, the butterflies, papers, etc are there and are about 1 to 2 inches deep. So as you walk side to side, the work changes in perspective, color and depth. They are truly unique and intriguing, absolutely beautiful and haunting. It is immediately clear that there is an enormous amount of work and skill involved.As for using historical work, that is the point. All art is built on symbols that we all recognize in context, to do otherwise, would preclude understanding. Warhol used popular images as art, because they related in such a strongly commercial way. What would the point have been if he used unknown or abstract imagery? In the same way, Renaissance imagery is out of context for us in the 21st Century. Does a painting of queen wearing a few rough rubies impress us now, which at the time meant extraordinary wealth?I can see why Ingrid is using these old images in a contemporary way. The subjects and style are not interesting to most people of the 21st Century in their original form. But to use modern techniques and material brings them back into the present, back from the dead so to speak. Quite frankly, I think they are brilliant. It is rare to see something so profoundly different in today??s jaded world."

"i am not sure why so many people are assuming that she did not paint these pictures... the look like the work of a contemporary... classically trained painter to me. did i miss something. does it say she is using the works of old master's somewhere?"

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