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Mark Rumsey  Grand Rapids, MI

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About Mark

By my nature I am a maker, I build, I manipulate, I create – the making process is what appeals to me. I align my making processes with conscious intent, trying to make things for a reason. This process leads me to making many different things, each mode a response to a certain set of circumstances. In every process the intent to affect change exists. In every process I am aware of my intentions. In every process I am open as the creative process suggests new paths. In the end, what I make is a manifestation of my creativity, intuition and will. As an artist I have positioned myself as a rebel, an agent of change. I have approached art making in terms of creating objects, images, and spaces that are that are confrontational, manipulative. My goal is to create situations that encourage viewers/participants to pose question about our social, political, and spiritual understanding of existence.

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"mystical! reminds me of alice and wonderland. but this is truely a wonderland of its own kind. its beautiful!"

"I LOVE the feel of the top formation...........I think the second piece would have a different feel with better lighting....but you are awsome! Thank you for sharing."


"Mr. Rumsey, Quite inovtative. I am thinking about doing something like this for my out door wedding."

"absolutely beautiful (:"

"I am impressed with the blue one. I really like the the feel of it, i could only imagine the fun it would be to walk down that hallway. Cant say I'm a fan of the yellow one though, but hey I'm not the artist. It could just be that picture, but one word comes to mind, clutter. I still would like to see this all in person, would be quite amazing I'm sure.oh and Karyn nailed the description. ^^^^^^^^"

"Mark, I disagree with Sara. I find your artist's statement to add to my respect of your work and process. It sounds like you have a purpose for your work rather than just "art for art's sake"."

"Your artwork is inspiring. Well done!"

"Very cool!"

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